How to Decorate Your Home with Antique Textiles

How to Decorate Your Home with Antique Textiles

Antique textiles are a decorator's best friend, and they can be yours too. They are versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways to add some texture and excitement to your space. If you're curious about how to bring some into your home, you came to the right place.

Here are some ways to display and use textiles:


Statement Wall Hanging

The easiest way to fill a wall and also make a statement? A graphic textile. Here, you can see how designer Matthew Lawrence Bullard used an antique Egyptian applique tent panel to complete the bedroom of Ellen Pompeo. You can also spot some red pillows made of antique Fez embroidery!


Photo by Tim Street-Porter.


A large textile can take up an entire wall - no need for wallpaper or a painted mural! Designer Ramón de Abadal uses a 19th century Suzani from Uzbekistan in the dining room of an 18th century farmhouse in Catalonia.

You can view our collection of suzanis here.


Photo by Nuevo Estilo.


If you prefer the look of a gallery wall, this is for you. Small textiles, especially those with texture and fringe, make perfect wall hangings. Fill in spaces between framed pieces and wall sculptures with textiles like these Lakai embroideries from Central AsiaMeg Van Lith's home is a textile collector's dream!


Photo by Meg Van Lith.



A great way to tie a whole room together is through throw pillows. Designer Virginia Tupker used 19th century blue fez embroideries from our store to create this unique pair.

Contact us if you'd like to turn one of our pieces into a custom pillow.


Photo by Dylan Chandler.


Draped On Furniture

Create the dreamiest and coziest bed by adding textiles into the mix. If you have a canopy bed, textiles can easily be hung or draped. This can also be achieved on a bed without a canopy by securing the textiles to the ceiling.

This bed is in the French home of Maxime de la Falaise and Sarah St George.


Photo by Tim Clinch.


Textiles can also be decoratively draped at the bottom of the bed, or any piece of furniture, like this Manila shawl in the beautiful guest house of Ana Spiro.


Photo by Kara Rosenlund.


Designer Daniel Sachs uses a striking red, black, & white Burmese dog hair cape as a throw to add some darker tones to this green couch.


Photo from Sachs Lindores website.


We hope this left you inspired, and ready to welcome some antique textiles into your home!