For Designers

Designers - we love to work with you! Interior designers, fashion designers, set designers, costume designers, photographers, and everything in between.

We will be happy to have you into the store to view textiles in person, but we can also ship items on-approval. You can make an appointment or on-approval requests at our contact page. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping and a $30 per item, per week fee. 


We offer rentals if you need to stage a space, dress a set for photography, or are working on a film/tv show. Rentals are 20% of the price of the piece per day.

Designer Discounts

We offer a designer discount, which varies depending on the items purchased. 


If a piece is leaving our possession, we require a credit card on file. We reserve the right to charge that card if a piece is returned in poor condition, or not returned at all.