What does "Sarajo" mean?

Sarajo comes from the names of the two founders - Sara Penn and Josef (Yosi) Barzilai. Sara + Jo, but the J is pronounced like an H, simply because it sounds better.


Do you make things with antique textiles?

At this time, no. We have plenty of amazing clients who create clothing, art, and accessories using our pieces, but we don't. We try to keep every piece in its original condition, and only do necessary repairs and add a lining once in a while.

One thing we can do is pillows, but these are all made to order.


Do you offer textile repairs?

Yes! Check out our services page to see what we offer. You can contact us to get a quote, since every piece is different.


How are your pieces sourced?

While our pieces are from all over the world, we don't travel to collect them (yet)! We scour the internet for amazing pieces in auctions, and flea markets like Brimfield for the best textiles we can find. We also buy from private dealers all over the globe. We curate our collection very carefully, and choose based on condition, rarity, and general appeal.


Do you ever collaborate with brands / creators?

We haven't yet, but we're open to it! Send us a message with your pitch.


Do you buy textiles & collectibles?

Occasionally, yes! Send us an email to jess@sarajo.com with photos + your asking price, and we'll get back to you if we're interested.


Are your prices firm?

It depends on the piece! We try to price everything fairly, but are open to some light bargaining. Contact us if you'd like to inquire about a discount.