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Blue Syrian Aba

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Blue Syrian Aba

Aba is a loose outer garment worn mostly but not exclusively by Arab men throughout the Middle East. In its most common form it has the shape of a loose cloak; open in the front and without sleeves, the arms are passed through side openings. Two lengths of fabric are sewn side-by-side, selvage to selvage to form a large rectangle; then the two shorter ends are folded into the center and sewn to form the shoulder seams.

Men’s Aba is made from wool and is monochromatic or striped. Women’s Abbas, such as this excellent example, is made of silk and elaborately decorated along the shoulders, front openings, and seams.

Tapestry weave in rich blue silk with metal thread. The motifs are geometric with fine lines, diamond and pyramid forms.

Circa: 19th Century

Origin: Syria

Material: Silk and Metallic Thread

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 51" X 48"

Inventory number: WR5006

Blue Syrian Aba