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Camel Knee Hanging

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Camel Knee Hanging

Made by the Yomut people of Turkmenistan, this hanging would have been tied to the knee of a camel to bounce around and provide decoration during ceremonial or special events. Across Central Asia, various cultures believe in the importance and power of cloth. Patchwork was a common technique to incorporate the energies of pieces of fabric into one powerful piece.

This piece is made of flannel, cotton, various beads, and a small tuft of horse hair. Quilting stitches secure the red and green flannel to the cotton backing, and strips of cotton add a fringe to the sides and bottom of the piece.

Circa: Mid-20th century

Origin: Turkmenistan

Material: Flannel, cotton, horse hair

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 22.5" x 25"

Inventory number: TX5299

Camel Knee Hanging