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Ceremonial Outfit (Dress, Hat, Sash)

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Ceremonial Outfit (Dress, Hat, Sash)

This outfit was worn by a woman for special occasions and ceremonies. Although it is not complete (it is missing the original apron), this is a stunning example of traditional clothing that is still in shape to be worn today.

The ground is a textured cotton adorned with sequins, silk appliqué, & wool embroidery. The front of the dress is left blank since it is covered with a decorative apron, and two openings sit on either side of the waist to allow this to be hidden when tied. Panels of silk embroidered lace sit between the rows of dense sequins and line the sleeves and bottom of the dress. The red wool hat is woven with polychromatic wool thread designs, sequins, and decorations of silk ribbons and metallic trim. The waist sash is also wool woven with a black ground and polychromatic and metallic accents. 

Pictured on this piece is a red Romanian (?) apron from our inventory, which will be included with the entire outfit. A similar example is at the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest - see photo at the end.

Circa: Early-mid 20th century

Origin: Baranya county, Hungary

Material: Cotton, silk, wool, sequins

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: Fits like a M

Inventory number: WR5007

Ceremonial Outfit (Dress, Hat, Sash)