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Hmong Embroidered Baby Carrier Panel

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Hmong Embroidered Baby Carrier Panel

This piece was originally the main part of a baby carrier, known as beishan or beidai, from the Hmong people in Guizhou. Textiles were an important way for women in these tribal groups to preserve and honor their culture. Baby carriers were traditionally made by women prior to marriage.

The use of the tongzi hua, a flower native to Guizhou, and the very challenging chanxiu stitches, distinguish this one as being from Zhijin. Silk is wrapped around ramie or horsehair to create a beautiful floss, and then it is couched to create an abstract floral pattern. The maker also used a variety of other stitches (chain, cross, & running stitches) showing their creativity and practical skills. Each motif used has a special meaning and offers protection and happiness to their children.

Circa: Early 20th c

Origin: Southwest China

Material: Cotton, silk

Condition: Very Good

Dimensions: 25" x 22"

Inventory number: TX5294

Hmong Embroidered Baby Carrier Panel