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Jofu Yardage

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Jofu Yardage

Fabric made from Ramie in the Southwest islands of Japan is referred to as "jofu." The fabric made on the island of Ishigaki has a distinct white background and is called "Yaeyama Jofu." The white is achieved by bleaching the fabric in the ocean for 5 hours. You can read more about it here.

Traditionally, Jofu was woven using the kasuri technique - Japan's version of ikat. Production halted during World War II, but it was revived by young artisans in the 70s. The new production and  lead them to come up with new ways of applying the traditional patterns, as seen on this piece. Instead of being dyed before weaving, the patterns were stamped on after the fabric was complete.

This textile has a very soft, paper-like texture. It was made to use for lightweight summer kimonos.

Circa: 1970s-80s

Origin: Japan

Material: Ramie

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 2 panels, 5yds each, 12" wide

Inventory number: TX5265

Jofu Yardage