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Over-dyed Applique Blanket

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Over-dyed Applique Blanket

While festive clothing and baby carriers remain a common feature of daily life in Hmong culture, the creation of decorative quilts has declined due to mass-produced blankets. These bedcovers were typically a part of a dowry, and were made of scraps from old clothing and fabric. They were used to decorate wedding beds and also welcome the birth of a child.

This piece is decorated with embroidered or appliqué geometric, organic, and animal shapes.  The appliqué fabrics are shades of indigo, which is common in this region, and neutral tones. The ground is a natural colored cotton and is pieced together in squares, with the appliqué creating smaller shapes within that.

The coloring of this piece makes us think it was over-dyed with brown.

Circa: Early 20th century

Origin: Southwest China

Material: Cotton

Condition: Very Good

Dimensions: 44" x 62"

Inventory number: TX5327


Over-dyed Applique Blanket