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Rhodes Tent Panel Fragment

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Rhodes Tent Panel Fragment

Bed tents, or sperveri, were peculiarly Dodecanese. They were constructed of numerous panels, mostly embroidered, with valances front top and bottom. Their purpose was to shield from flying insects and provide privacy. The decoration is also uniquely Dodecanese, featuring vertical rows of abstracted florals surrounded by geometric borders and bird and animal figures. Complete bed tents are rare because they were typically split up between daughters to be used as a part of a dowry.

This style of embroidery and motifs are attributed to the Greek island of Rhodes. The heavy linen weave is embroidered in red and green Rhodian cross stitch in a design of three vases overflowing with flowering branches and cypress tree borders.

Circa: Late 18th c

Origin: Rhodes, Greece

Material: Silk Embroidery on Linen

Condition: Very good, some staining

Dimensions: 13" x 30"

Inventory number: TX5172

Rhodes Tent Panel Fragment