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Thirma Phulkari

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Thirma Phulkari

Phulkari are embroidered shawls that are made out of cotton and silk in Punjab and the greater region of northwest India and parts of Pakistan. Embroiderers decorate plain-woven cotton fabric with abstract geometric, floral, or figurative patterns, using brilliantly colored floss silk.  The makers use a darning stitch so most of the silk shows on the front.

Hindu phulkari feature naturalistic motifs such as human figures and farm animals. Muslim phulkari, such as this one, tend to be more abstract. The natural-colored ground indicates this was made in the 19th century, and features an unusual design. Vertically pointed triangles sit on top of circular shapes, with two crossed leafy branches below that. The top and bottom borders contain geometric floral motifs. The entire piece is embroidered with mostly pink silk floss, with some details in a pale green.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: Punjab, India

Material: Silk on cotton

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 101" x 52"

Inventory number: TX5255

Thirma Phulkari