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Tibetan Wedding Vest

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Tibetan Wedding Vest

This striking silk long vest was created for a woman in 19th century Tibet. It was worn for special events and ceremonies such as weddings & religious celebrations, with many layers of clothing and jewelry. You can see an image of someone wearing it here.

A rich purple silk is combined with panels of signature colorful Tibetan stripes with the accent of gold brocade on the sleeves. The gold brocade may have been important from India, due to the boteh design, and the vibrant cotton lining was imported from Russia.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: Tibet

Material: Silk & metallic thread

Condition: Very good, some light staining and holes in the lining

Dimensions: Fits like size L, 16.5" shoulder to shoulder, 48.5" length

Inventory number: WR5005

Tibetan Wedding Vest