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Tuvalu Woven Fan

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Tuvalu Woven Fan

Intricately woven hand fans were used to keep cool, but also given as gifts to friends and sold to visitors. Leaves are cut from the Pandan plant, trimmed to remove the spiked edges, and dried in the sun for days to turn them from green to beige. The longer they are left in the sun, the higher the quality. The leaves were then cut to size and dyed if the weaver chooses to add in some colorful accents before being woven together. They are also decorated with feathers, shells, and beads.

This design and shape is attributed to the Pacific islands of Tuvalu. Colorful dyed leaves are woven into this fan creating a charming rainbow with subtle geometric patterns.

Circa: Later half 19th c

Origin: Tuvalu

Material: Padan leaves, feathers

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 13" tall, 10" wide

Inventory number: MI1620


Tuvalu Woven Fan